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2021-08-24 21:08:37 _____ Cusco

Altitude sickness: Tips for your trip to Cusco

Few things are as frightening as getting sick while traveling abroad.  And it's not just the fear of ruining your dream vacations, but also the uncertainty of not having someone to take care of you in a foreign country. 


Altitude sickness: Tips for your trip to Cusco
2021-08-24 21:08:37 _____ Cusco

COVID in Peru: Traveling during a pandemic

You have been waiting for this moment since lockdown started! You have already received the COVID vaccine and are read...

2021-08-24 21:08:37 _____ Cusco

When to visit Perú

Peru don’t have 4 seasons as a typical country. We can divide Peru in two seasons:  In short words Peru will be wet from November to Mar...

2021-08-24 21:08:37 _____ Cusco

7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Peru

  1. Explore the Ancient Ruins and Culture

    Peru offer you amazing interesting history plus very easily accessible to any tr...


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