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7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Peru

7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Peru
7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Peru
7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Peru
  1. Explore the Ancient Ruins and Culture

    Peru offer you amazing interesting history plus very easily accessible to any traveler.

    Whether it is through visiting a museum, wandering around a town or village, or hiking to one of the hidden Inca ruins, you will always be surrounded by the strong presence of history and of their cultural influences.

    The ancient Inca ruins are considered to be some of the most beautiful and mysterious sites in the world. You’ll find some of their most impressive ruins in the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu; which are best experienced when hiking the Inca Trail.

    But the Inca ruins are not the only remains of ancient civilizations. On the north, you can find ancient civilizations in the city of Chan Chan, while at the south you can find interesting evidence of ancient cultures at the Lake Titicaca, the city of Puno and at the Nazca Lines.

  2. To Meet the People

    Peruvians people are super friendly; aany Peruvians still have a direct link with their Inca ancestors, proudly conserving the Quechua culture that is so important to Peru’s past.

    Most people are hard workers, extremely polite, peaceful, helpful, and curious about the interest of their visitors.

    Many of them have never traveled out of the country or even out of their cities or villages. Sharing stories with them makes for an interesting learning experience about the country and about their tales.

  3. To Enjoy their Handcrafts

    Where can you find Peruvian history, culture, art, and exceptional skills all into one? The answer is; on the amazing peruvian handicrafts.

    For example textiles are some of the most famous handcrafts you’ll find in any part of Peru. You can see the women weaving those exquisite patterns that make up a decorative wall carpet, scarf, jumper, or anything in between.

    Other great artisanal crafts are found in the form of instruments, wood carvings, canvas paintings, jewelry, and more.

  4. To See Firsthand its Natural Diversity

    Peru offer 25 individual climates. This weather diversity creates a diverse ecosystem.

    From beaches to the Amazon. You can see snow in the Andes, and not far away you can sandboard in the desert by the Huacachina Oasis. You can see Penguins at Ballestas Islands next to the dry and desert-like town of Paracas, and you can row peacefully in the Amazonian jungle rivers.

    You can hike up to a summit in the Andes, or you can go down to the deepest canyons in the world – Cañón del Colca and Cañón del Cotahuasi.

    Combinations are unlimited. Peru makes it perfect to do many short budget trips that will allow you to experience this natural variety.

    And if you’re traveling Peru with kids, you won’t need to worry as it is diverse enough to provide a thrilling experience for them too.

  5. To Indulge in their Cuisine

    Peru is a top culinary destination. I believe that’s true.

    Peru not only holds a variety of ethnic mixes, but also a climatic variety of 25 individual climates. This mixing of cultures and variety of climates differ from city to city, thus creating a varied cuisine across the country.

    Dishes like Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Aji de Gallina are some of the must-try dishes in Peru.

    If you’re curious in trying an Andean delicacy, try guinea pig meat – Cuy. It’s juicy and tender but not for the weak stomach. In general, Peruvian meals tend to be spicy and heavy, but so delicious.

  6. To Enjoy their Beaches

    Peru is well known for its beautiful beaches, and it is no secret that this is a destination surfers will not want to miss.

    Top surfing spots are the beaches of Herradura, Costa Verde, and Punta Rocas – all located to the south of Lima, Peru’s Capital.

  7. To Enjoy their Drinks!

    Great drinks must accompany great food. Right? Peru makes sure that’s the way it’s done. Whether you prefer the bubble gum tasting Inca Kola or the strong beers, Peruvian drinks will make you addicted to them.Some of the local drinks you will find (and love) are the famous wines from the Ica region, the pisco sour is the most representative drink.


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