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When to visit Perú

When to visit Perú
When to visit Perú
When to visit Perú

Peru don’t have 4 seasons as a typical country. We can divide Peru in two seasons:  In short words Peru will be wet from November to March (specially the Andes) and dry for the rest of the year.

The coast - especially in the south - tends to be drier, but the Amazon is always hot and wet for some reason is the world's largest rainforest.

Jan-Feb are one of the wettest months at the Andes of Peru for example the Inca Trail tends to close for cleaning and maintenance all February. Rest assured Machu Picchu is open 365 days per year. Some national parks in Peru also close during February, but on the opposite side is the best time to enjoy the beaches specially on the north, as Jan to March is consider summer beach time in Peru. On the other hand if you would like to see green mountains this could be the best months as everything is colorful.

March and April the rain is much lower and this is probably the best time of year to visit Arequipa or Puno in the southwest, as temperatures are pleasant, but at night always will be chili due to the altitude. Amazon areas, such as Puerto Maldonado, are hot and humid all year round although there will be a little less rain from May through to September.

May and August are the busiest time to visit MachuPicchu as the majority of travelers use the north hemisphere summer vacations to travel, if you travel during this time we advise you to book your trip with anticipation , specially for sensitive tours as the Inca trail where permits are limited; you will need to book at least six months in advance to secure a permit. We at GOTOPERU will be happy to assist you with all your travel needs.

SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER if you have flexibility these 2 months could be the best option as you will find less crowded destinations and before rainy season.

November and December , at the end of November the rains are returning to the Andes Mountains, as well as Rainforest. On the other hand if you arrive on December by the Christmas days you will find a lot of charming festivals and religious activities, Peru will offer you a lot of cultural experiences. 


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