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MachuPicchu & Rainbow Mountain


MachuPicchu & Rainbow Mountain

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Lima, cusco, machu picchu, puno

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Day 1 : Cusco Arrival & Transfer To Sacred Valley ( + Alpaca Farm )
Day 1 : Pisac Market & Ollantaytambo- Train To Aguas Calientes
Day 1 : Huaynapicchu + Machupicchu Tour & Return To Cusco
Day 1 : Free Morning + Pm City Tour Cusco
Day 1 : Rainbow Mountain Full Day Tour
Day 1 : Cusco Departure

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Machu Picchu
Valle Sagrado
Montaña 7 Colores


Hundreds of years of history are on display in the outdoor museum that is Cusco.

Machu Picchu

Hundreds of years of history are on display in the outdoor museum that is Cusco.

Valle Sagrado

Hundreds of years of history are on display in the outdoor museum that is Cusco.

Montaña 7 Colores

Hundreds of years of history are on display in the outdoor museum that is Cusco.


Arrive in Cusco (10,000ft), the historic capital of the Inca Empire from the 13th century until the 16th-century Spanish conquest. Our team will welcome you and take you in the magnificent Sacred Valley (7000ft).

During the trip we’ll stop at the textile town of Awanachancha where you can see the creation process of Andean textiles and have direct contact with Alpacas and Llamas. Following the farm we will visit Cochahuasi, an Animal Sanctuary- rescue center, where you can be a spectator of the Andean animals in their natural habitat, including Condors and Pumas. Ending the tour discover more of the Inca culture with the impressively preserved ruins at Pisac archaeological site.

Afterwards transfer to your Sacred Valley Hotel for a peaceful afternoon with beautiful landscapes.

Today we will explore the “Sacred Valley” including Pisac, village known for its lively handicrafts market in the main square. Afterwards a path winds from the square past agricultural terraces up to Pisac Archaeological Park, a hilltop Incan citadel with ancient temples, plazas and the Intihuatana, a stone structure thought to have been a sundial.

Afterwards we will visit the Ollantaytambo town, a village set on the Urubamba River amid snow-capped mountains. It's known for their massive Inca fortress with large stone terraces on a hillside.

Late in the afternoon we will head to the Ollantaytambo train station to board the train to the city of Aguas Calientes.

Arrival at Aguas Calientes and transfer to your hotel.

Trek to the “Huayna Picchu” mountain, also spelled Wayna Picchu, is that tall mountain standing in the back of nearly every Machu Picchu postcard. The Incas built a trail up the side of the “Huayna Picchu” and built temples and terraces on its top, enjoy panoramic 360 views from the Top.

Then make your way down to Machupicchu (15th-century Inca citadel constructed by Inca emperor Pachacutec in 1438–1472). It is the most familiar icon of Inca civilization. The Incas built the estate and abandoned it a century later at the time of the Spanish conquest. Although known locally, it was not known to the Spanish during the colonial period and remained unknown to the outside world until American historian Hiram Bingham brought it to international attention in 1911. Following the MachuPicchu tour we will return to “Aguas Calientes” and then take the train to the city of Cusco.

Free morning to wander around the main square, with its many cafes and stores, or even visit a museum.

Early in the Afternoon our tour will take you to the impressive Colonial Cathedral (built between 1560-1654), which contains over 400 paintings from the Cusqueña School in addition to colonial art. Also, we ’ll visit the Koricancha (the Temple of the Sun in Quechua, Inca’s language ) in addition we will visit Sacsayhuaman fortress.

Spend the evening at your leisure enjoying the Peruvian cuisine, Andean music, and the splendor of magical Cusco at night.

Very early in the morning, we will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco to make the trip to “Cusipata” district ( aprox 2hrs south of Cusco) where we will stop for 30 minutes to have breakfast. From then we continue for 1 hour until we reach the starting point of the trek. Here, we will pause for a quick explanation on how we will be carry out our tour. We will start walking at the foot of the Ausangate mountain range. It´ll take approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to the highest point of the Rainbow Mountain (“Vinicunca”, also called “Montaña de Siete Colores” or Rainbow Mountain, is a mountain in the Andes of Peru with an altitude of 16,000 feet above sea level). During the trek we will have the opportunity to appreciate South American camelids (including alpacas, llamas) . Upon reaching the red hill, we will have time to soak in and take pictures of the beautiful scenery. We will continue our journey with a 1-hour descent, then return to the District of “Cusipata” where we can enjoy lunch. Following lunch, we will return to Cusco.

A GOTOPERU representative will meet you at your hotel for your transfer to Cusco airport for your domestic flight to Lima.


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